Сoming Out in Russia
Zine with stories of transgender people discrimination in Russia
11 October, 2023
This zine is our contribution to amplifying their voices and resisting the denial of the problems of LGBTQ+ people in Russia, as well as a way to talk about the current situation of trans people in the country.
This zine contains 55 stories of transgender people from different regions of Russia who faced discrimination and violence due to being transgender — at work, from family, civil servants and medical personnel.

In fact, there were many more stories. Our initiative group "Translation", together with "Equal PostOst", launched a collection of cases of discrimination against Russian LGBTQ+ people on social networks in order to subsequently present this evidence to the UN. In two days, we received 360 stories filled with pain, bitterness of injustice and humiliation to which people were subjected.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Russia delivered a report on September 21, 2023, calling for the protection of the rights of LGBTQ+ people in the country. This is the first report on Russia prepared by a special rapporteur, and the situation of LGBTQ+ people has been highlighted as one of the key issues.

We selected 55 stories for this zine so that as many people as possible could see them. We want the authors of these stories to know that they are important, that what is happening to them is terrible and unfair.

Zine size restrictions did not allow us to include all the stories submitted and thousands more that people did not have time to submit to us in two days. But, of course, each of them would deserve to be published here.
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