Helping transgender people in Russia: psychological support, therapy groups and training for specialists

About us

Translyaciya is an initiative group working for improving the quality of life of transgender people in Russia.

We help transgender and non-binary people, people in gender search, people who are going through detransition as well as their families and friends.
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Сoming Out in Russia
Zine with stories of transgender people discrimination in Russia
11 October, 2023
About us in numbers
We started our work on December 2, 2020
and since then we have grown a lot
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Why transgender people in Russia need help

  • 1
    Transphobic state policy
    In June 2013, Russia prohibited the so-called "LGBT propaganda" among minors.

    In December 2022, the law was supplemented by a ban on "LGBT propaganda" among all ages.

    July 21, 2023, the Ministry of Justice has added us in the "register of unregistered public associations acting as a foreign agent."

    July 24, 2023, a law came into force completely prohibiting a transition for trans people and introducing liability for doctors providing medical care to them.

    Since July 24, 2023 a case is being considered in court on blocking our website, as containing "information promoting LGBT".

    On August 30, 2023, a court decided to block our website in Russia as containing LGBT propaganda. After the court hearings, our lawyers were attacked right outside the courtroom.

    On November 30, 2023, the Russian Supreme Court ruled to recognize the non-existent "international LGBT movement" as an extremist organization.
  • 2
    High mortality
    Because of stigmatization in society, transgender people have an extremely high risk of suicide. 42% of transgender people have attempted suicide. For other people, this figure is only 2%.
  • 3
    Transphobia and lack of support
    Transgender people often do not receive the necessary support from family and friends, and are also discriminated against at their workplaces. Trans people face rejection from their families 57% of the time. 97% of transgender people have experienced harassment or discrimination in the workplace.
  • 4
    Lack of helping practitioners
    Medical specialists in Russia are often poorly informed on the topic of gender and cannot support their transgender clients. Unfortunately, sometimes even LGBT-friendly psychologists are, in fact, ready to work only with LGB people, refusing to support trans people.

    *We refer to data from the National Trans*Discrimination Survey (2011, USA) of 6,456 people.

Our projects

Get help
We help transgender people in difficult life situations: provide help of volunteers, a shelter in Moscow, targeted fundraisers, therapy groups, information consultations, a support group for the relatives of transpeople and peer consultants
Personal therapy
Get the support of professional trans friendly psychologists who are themselves transgender people and know how to work in a gender-affirmative way
Friendly doctors
We have a team of professional and trans friendly doctors: endocrinologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, therapists, gynecologists, etc.
Network of chats
We have created an enormous network of chats by city and interest so that transgender people can find support and information in any city and feel safe
Articles of trans-friendly specialists
We talk about every gender and trans-related topic: our articles are addressed to both specialists and trans people
Seminars on working with trans people
Training for practitioners who want to be friendly professionals and work in a gender-affirmative way
We help transgender people emigrate to countries which do not have transphobic policies and provide protection for LGBT people.
Guides, webinars and individual consultations.
  • I would like to tell you about how Translyaciya helped me.

    In February 2021, a depressive period in my life began, but I did not immediately realize it. There was nothing worse than sleep problems at that time.

    And then I accidentally found in TikTok recommendations a person who talks about Translyaciya.

    I was interested, because at that moment I was thinking about transition, and I had to look for something that could help me find friendly specialists. But at that time I did not apply.

    In March, I realized that I had fallen into a deep pit of depression (stress from changing diet because I was chasing weight loss; stress at work; gender dysphoria. I cried every day). And when I was already on the verge, when I just thought "f*** it all, I just want to go to a better world", I decided to turn first to a psychologist from Translyaciya.

    But this was not enough, and I already went to a psychiatrist, and on May 1, 2021, I started taking antidepressants, while continuing to visit a psychologist along the way.

    And this helped me a lot.

    At the moment, I have already passed the commission from Translyaciya. Before that, I had already started HRT. And now, in November 2021, I am being taken off antidepressants.

    Translyaciya, in fact, saved me. Thanks to it, I now know many wonderful people whom I met during Plushie Cat tea parties, they are amazing people.

    And I feel like I'm living life to the fullest now.

    I will never tire of thanking Yan Dvorkin for Translyaciya. And I am also grateful to all the other people who joined Translyaciya and help develop it💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Feedback on the Plushie Cat meeting
    Hello. I am Melissa Vanderberg, a transgender woman. In May I attended a Plushie Cat meeting. I must say that it is very important for me to have live communication with people from the T-community, people who have similar problems in some way. It is very important for me to be understood and accepted. At the meeting, I saw exactly what I expected: comfort, warmth, politeness, understanding. Before that, I talked in one of closed chats and even visited their meetings a couple of times. But that was not it. I could not be so liberated and get a lot of positive emotions anywhere before. Five hours flew by like half an hour. It was so great that I was charged with positive emotions for a whole month. I haven't had this much fun in years.

    I understand that some remarks on the merits would be more useful for you, but there it is. So far, only excitement.

    Sincerely, Melissa Vanderberg.
  • Feedback on the Plushie Cat meeting
    There was my first time at the Plushie Cat meeting. I was very afraid and embarrassed to go there, to be honest, because it seemed that the party there was already formed and everyone knew each other, and I would stand alone in the corner and not communicate with anyone and not play anything. However, it turned out that the evening was very pleasant, friendly and gentle. I had not seen such cozy parties for a very long time, I didn't want to return home at all. I miss just such an atmosphere and such correctness from those around me in everyday life.

    At the meeting, I took part in all the games I wanted to, talked to everyone who seemed pretty to me, and even when my sister was already pulling me by the sleeve in the evening so that we could go home (we came to the meeting together), I literally asked her to stay for another five minutes) I am a fairly open person by nature, I like to meet and communicate, but when it comes to new big companies, I am a very big coward and shy. However, Plushie Cat is a place where you definitely don't need to be afraid and shy; the people around me were very nice and friendly to me the whole evening. Thanks to the organizers for creating such a place, it's really a lot of work and their efforts are worth it.

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